Silent Watchman Provides a Complete Range
Of Integrated Services to Manage and Protect Your
Business or Home

Commercial Solutions

Silent Watchman Security Services, is a leading fully integrated single source security company. The Company provides consulting, planning, engineered design systems, integration, maintenance and technical support services to commercial clients nationwide…


Residential Solutions

In a world filled with uncertainty, greater protection for your family and home means greater peace of mind for you. A Silent Watchman security professional will design a state-of-the-art alarm system using only the highest quality…


central station

The instant your alarm goes off, the monitoring center immediately detects whether it’s a burglary, fire, medical or other emergency. Our operators are alerted and swing into action to pinpoint the location, identify your personalized response plan and initiate emergency instructions. Based upon your response plan, our systems can text or email you event information. A live operator can immediately contact you for the password verifying your identity then providing you with detailed information of the event. Emergency personnel will be dispatched if necessary or if an incorrect passcode is given. Meanwhile, our computers have recorded every significant detail of the emergency event, including date and time, action taken, person notified, and the operator responsible. All phone conversations are recorded and time stamped for your safety and security.


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